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Mommy & Hannah

Mommy & Hannah

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Evening With Love

As usual, the 3 of us will watch the beauty of sunsets during weekend. Normally on Sunday.

Yes, we had a lot of fun at the Friendship Garden. We love that garden. We like the view, environment surrounds and the people there. Hmmmph I guess the people around followed the theme of the garden. Yeah 'Friendship'.

Well, Hannah is 'ze' most excited person on earth when it comes to a big opened space. She will ran here and there until I can lost 2 kg at a time. Yup! Good for me too. Hehe.

Then, comes to my Mr. Hubby he will feed the fish and my excited lil' girl says 'fish fish'. You know when we feed the animals we can feel one type of calmness in our heart. It is a good practice in achieving a peaceful mind.

We sweat alot that day, chasing my lil' girl. Lost some kg's. All in all my Hubby and I were so grateful to have such a wonderful daughter, family and life.

Next, where to go this weekend???   :-D (happy face here!)

Wednesday, 19 February 2014



Here I'am updating my blog during lunch break. Yeah, my lil' Hannah is not schooling yet.

When I show this picture to my Hannah she says 'Adikkk'. Woww!!! She really wants her 'Adik'. Huhu. :-) :-) InsyaAllah and Ameen. I hope by this year Allah S.W.T will grant my prayers.

Hannah don't realize that she's in the picture. My adorable girl. How time flies. Only Allah S.W.T knows how much I miss the moment when Hannah was born in this world.

@-}-- (Crying Mommy here!)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Remedy for Cuts!

Hari Rabu... Betul ke hari rabu di label hari koporat? Corporate Day! Huhu or just our department choose every wednesday as a Corporate Day. So we are asked 'di paksa' to wear a corporate uniform. Nevermind saya akur. :-)

Ok just want to share a little tips on a remedy for little cuts that I get from my beloved Aunty garden. Ok the chonology is where me and my husband was on the way to Samarahan sending my cuzzie to her quarters cause she's a lab tech, then tak kan la nak bawa Hannah sekali kan dengan hot weather lagi. It's quite a long distance. So my Aunt' took care of her.

Hannah with her active mode! Running near my aunt's garden then she fell down. Biasa la zaman kita kecil-kecil dulu pun selalu jatuh.

So my aunt says letak aloe vera kat luka dia. Maksud nya 'cecair dari aloe vera' tu. Memang sejuk and it woks. I even apply it on my face too untuk masker. Hannah's cut on her leg is getting better.

The remedy is so organic! Aloe Vera as cure. @-}--

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Milo Crepe

Hi Guys!

It's Saturday evening and I'm writing about crepe's. :-) *sigh*. Well this is the 1st time I try crepe's. I heard people around me talking about Durian Crepe, Oreo Crepe, Caramel Crepe and Milo Crepe. I wonder how it taste like? Then spend rm10 for 4 piece of Milo Crepe was worth it!

Ok. The Cronology of Crepe. Apa yang best sangat tentang Crepe ni? It has becoming a fenomenon. Dialog yang sinonim dengan fenomena Crepe 'Mak ai, sedap nya Durian Crepe ni. Nak beli banyak-banyak lah!. Hubby I, anak I, termasuk I sendiri boleh habiskan ni semua'. Adeh! Pelik pon ada, ajaib pun ada. Sedap sangat ke Crepe ni? Ok. The story is... In the 1st place I thought that the Milo is the filling and so as the Durians. Rupa-rupanya, the filling is just the icing moose (correct me if im wrong). The crepe was the Milo. Kira macam icing di bungkus dengan crepe (kulit) yang berperisa Milo, Oreo, Durian atau dsbnya.

Ishhh, terdetik juga dalam hati ni. Kalau buat business boleh untung banyak. Nasib baik penyakit 'M' kuat melekat kat diri ni. 'M' tu malas.Kalau bab crafting or menjahit tu boleh lah. :-)

Milo Crepe memang super dellicious but tell u guys what, tak boleh nak di amal sangat benda-benda manis macam ni. Manis taw. Makan kena ingat kesihatan juga. @-}--

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Current Fav Toner

Salam All,

It's been a year since last I update my blog. Wow! What really happened to me? life... Hectic! Only Allah S.W.T knows how it feels inside. But guess what, my family and my lil' Hannah never stress me up. It's just work. Fuh! Planning for early retirement. The problem is that I really put my heart with my business and office environmet nowadays is the 'u-u, i-i' culture.

Ok. Im just so amazed with this toner by LOREAL. Hydrafresh Anti-Shine. Stated Purifying & Mattifying Icy toner. You guys know when I saw this 'Icy Toner' word, It make me goes Sha lalalala in the morning! Ngeee (wierdo!). After washing my face then I apply this toner of course with facial tissue upward. It makes my skin really fresh. The smell is soft. I found that some toner smells spirit and when applying it on your beautifull face it easily dry.

This toner really suits me. Have a try guys! Reasonable price and worth it! Recommended!!!!

*Note: I dont have any contract with this brand. Just a recommendation from me to my blog readers. Tqvm ;-)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Doa di pagi Isnin

Hi Everyone!! Pernah jumpe tak buku kecil ni. It looks like a pocket book. Dari bangku sekolah lagi Saye selalu bawa buku ni kot2 ade masa lapang kat sekolah then saye try
bermuhasabah diri dgn membaca doa2 yang ada dalam buku ni.

Risalah Doa by H.Dja'far Sabran. Credit and very recommended.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Oh My Thyroid Glend!

Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul.

Always in my Doa, 'Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, what have I done to myself, forgive me if I did anything wrong. Sometimes I dont even realize when I do wrong. Yes, saya hambaMu and please ringankan beban kesakitan yang ku rasai'

(With my tears directly from my heart)- I did some research about my hypothyroidism. Mula-mula dah buat decision mak minta doctor bedah je kelenjar tiroid ni, tapi terbaca pulak entry kalau doktor buat pembedahan ada side effect yang lain pulak. Kena makan pil kalsium seumur hidup. Aisshhhh!

At this time, I really need morale support especially from my family. Tapi fahamkah orang apa yang kita rasa. Kesakitan yang kita alami. Hanya Allah S.W.T dan diri kita sendiri yang tahu.

Dont know why, ari ni time dini hari macam ni terkenang pulak dengan nasib diri sendiri. Sedih. Bila di uji oleh Allah S.W.T dengan 2 jenis penyakit yang serius ni Slip Disc kat tulang belakang dan Hypothyroksyn hidup saye berubah habis.

Harap-harap cepat sembuh moga hidup kembali normal.

Sekarang ni, jantung saye berdegup dengan laju due to hormone yang tak stabil. Kalau tak makan ubat Eutrokxyn nanti boleh dapat kanser kalau makan pulak side effect pulak sakit sendi and sakit jantung yang dah mula dirasai.

:-(:::: Hanya padaMu ku berserah Allah S.W.T Tuhanku yang satu. @-}--<3

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